About Trafalgar Wireless

Trafalgar Wireless is an IoT Service Provider, headquartered in Atlanta, with operations in both the US and UK. We provide robust, reliable IoT connectivity solutions for diverse industries such as transportation, healthcare, agriculture and logistics.

A Customer-Driven Approach to IoT Communications

Trafalgar Wireless provide a customer focussed approach to service provision, placing the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put our customers first, providing world-class expertise, customer service, and support. We invest considerable time in understanding our customers’ business and technical requirements to deliver a highly tailored solution that will meet these goals.

Rather than seeking to tie our clients into long-term contracts, we rely upon first-class performance, service, and value for money to build long-term successful relationships.

Our Approach

Our process starts with us gaining a detailed understanding of your requirements before building the technical and commercial solution that will resolve your problems. Having worked with renowned brands, we have developed a wide array of communications solutions that offer far more than simple connectivity.

Connectivity Partners

We work with the most disruptive wholesale partners in the world who have solved the traditional problems of IoT connectivity and who share our vision for delivering innovation and value, allied to world class personalized service.