Why You Need a SIM Management Platform

If your business relies on the use of many wireless data connections, then you will need to use a SIM Management Platform, in the form of a portal or an API to connect your front-end application to this functionality.

SIM Management Platform
Managing thousands of SIMs

As you grow your business and your number of wireless connections increases, you need the means to easily view, control, and manage these. A spreadsheet won’t do the job. It’s easy to lose track of which of your customers are using which connections and which data plans have been applied to them. Once hundreds of connections become thousands, management becomes an uphill struggle without the right tools.

There are a lot of things you may need to know at any time about a given connection. For example, you need to be able to quickly find that connection, especially if there are many others. You always need to know the status of this connection. Or, you might need to make changes to the connection, such as activating or de-activating it, re-naming it or re-grouping it; or finding out which data plan it is on.

To manage your costs, you need access to billing information, and you also need to know whether you are within the limits of your data plan for a given month.

SIM Management Platform

What’s the Right SIM Management Platform for Your Business?

Every IoT Service Provider usually has a management platform portal and/or API. But not all are equal.

Many Mobile Network Operators (MNO) often subscribe to the use of the Cisco Jasper Control Centre. This is a very complete platform. But it might be too technical and overwhelming for many smaller businesses. It’s more for engineers than managers. The key information that you quickly need access to can get lost in a sea of technical details.

Platforms from legacy MVNOs are often comprehensive, but less than intuitive.

SIM Management Platform

Trafalgar Wireless provides an intuitive and comprehensive SIM Management Platform. The functionality is also available via API as well as via a portal. It provides all of the key functionality that most people will ever need, whilst striking a balance between usability and function. This makes it a pleasure to view and use.

This platform is integrated with all of the US MNOs and many European and global MNOs. This means that you can choose different services, depending on your need, which are all managed by the same platform. Simple.

Imagine the alternative – that you sourced your connectivity from several different MNO’s, each of whom has their own platform (or even different flavours of Cisco Jasper Control Centre). That would be very inefficient and give you a headache.

If you would like to know more about SIM management platforms, or have a demo of one, please drop us a line or visit our blog for more essential information on making the right decision for your business.