As an IoT Service Provider, Trafalgar Wireless provides regular blogs in this space. These relate to current issues and trends in the Data Connectivity markets, and also issues related to the IoT market in general.

esim cards


This blog is about the most significant recent development in the world of data connectivity – the eSIM. Or otherwise known as eUICC. The proper technical term for the humble…

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esim card

The Global Sim

In this blog we will discuss the ‘Global SIM’. Why is this relevant? If your business needs cellular device connectivity in multiple countries around the world, you have – broadly…

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IoT Data Connectivity Enabling Blind Spot Accident Footage

IoT Data Connectivity Enabling Blind Spot Accident Footage

Dashcam service providers like HD Fleet continuously record vehicle driving footage. In the event of an incident, they need to send the recent footage to their platform, where it can…

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Multi Network Data SIM

Truths and Myths about Multi-Network Data SIMs, Part 1

Many IoT service providers offer something similar, so any opportunity to try to differentiate is seized upon, such as Permanent Roaming SIMs.

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Image of a Smart Factory Concept M2M SIM Connectivity

Data Connectivity enabling GPS Tracking Cameras

Trafalgar Wireless provides IoT data connectivity to GPS Tracking Camera service providers. One such customer is HD Fleet, whose service continuously records vehicle footage. This is of both the forward…

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Image of Native Connectivity M2M SIM Connectivity

When Native Data Connectivity is a Good Choice

Native connectivity can be a great way to connect, but it’s not always the best option. Take a look at when native connectivity is a good choice.

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SIM Management Platform M2M SIM Connectivity

Why You Need a SIM Management Platform

If your business relies on the use of many cellular data connections, then in due course you will need to have the use of a SIM Management Platform.

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IoT Service Provider - Hand image

Why use an IoT Service Provider?

IoT service provider is a great way to make sure your business is taking advantage of all the latest technology innovations. Let’s discuss some of the reasons for working with one.

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