IoT Data Plans and Services

SIM Management Platform

Whichever Data Plan you require, Trafalgar Wireless provides a powerful carrier-agnostic SIM Card Management platform. This provides intuitive monitoring and control of even the largest multi-country multi-operator SIM estates, while advanced, unified REST APIs enable seamless integration with any other platform or system to streamline business operations. It is provided free of charge and provides a consistent single-platform approach to management. Give it a test drive with some free test SIMs - we know that you will like it.

Regional - Native Data Connectivity

Regional - Native IoT Data Plans

Native, single-network data plans are available for all North American networks. These offer robust, reliable connectivity, and are technology agnostic, whether you need a 4G LTE or 5G connection for your streamed video or an LTE-M connection for your device sensor.  It offers low latency, important for real-time applications.

These services are often available with a regional Data Plan for the whole of North America - a very cost-effective approach, especially where mobile assets move across borders.

International - Multi Network Data Connectivity

These services maximize network availability and provide consistent cross-border service for a predictable cost.  Typically, they provide non-steered connectivity via two or more networks per country, which automatically ensures connection to the best signal - across 600 networks in 185 countries. A service that connects to all three national networks is also available in North America, for the ultimate coverage.

Simple, flat IoT Data Plans are structured by country or region, where the cost is often less than the use of a native service.

Global - Localized Data Connectivity

If you device or application is globally deployed, but requires access to a local carrier IMSI (profile), our Global - Localized Service will provide you with a resilient, compliant, and elastic service, for a very competitive price. This is achieved through the use of a global core IP network with local IMSI's, centrally managed and controlled from the cloud. Thanks to eUICC compliant Smart SIM technology, your connections can be remotely programmed with different IMSIs and tariffs as your operations evolve.

Commercial Flexibility

We understand that circumstances change. Trafalgar Wireless allows you to increase or decrease your service usage as your operational needs change. 

We do not look to tie you into long-term contracts, either. Instead, we rely upon you choosing to continue to work with us, due to the quality of service you receive.

Service & Support

Our goal is to make your life as easy as possible, providing concierge, and expert support. There are no call centers to negotiate, no music on hold to listen to. Your Account Manager, who knows you best, is also your Service Manager and will apply their industry expertise to the timely resolution of problems, and ongoing provision of advice and best practices.

NB IoT & CAT M1 Ready

Take advantage of industry innovation and avoid technology obsolescence. Our SIMs are compatible with all GSMA network technologies including NB-IoT and LTE Cat M1.


We can provide everything from VPN services, private APNs. And SIM-based applets such as IMEI locks to help you maximize the security of your service.

Pioneering IoT Data Connectivity and Management Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of the Internet of Things (IoT), Trafalgar Wireless emerges as a trailblazer, setting new standards as an IoT Data Connectivity company, a trusted IoT Service Provider, and a cutting-edge IoT Connectivity & Management company. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to delivering seamless connectivity solutions, with a focus on IoT SIM card technology, IoT eSIM, and IoT SIM management.