Why use an IoT Service Provider?

Enquiring with an IoT Service Provider is a great way to make sure your business is taking advantage of all the latest data connectivity innovations. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the reasons and benefits of working with an IoT Service Provider. Keep reading to learn more.

IoT Service Provider

MNOs don’t focus on Growth Businesses

Mobile network operators (MNOs) have an enormous amount of work to do: pay a typically huge sum for a spectrum license, build a network, manage it, find customers, and provide a service to them. This requires a lot of people and a lot of up-front cost. Getting a return on their investment can take time.

It’s no wonder that they focus their energies on the customer segments that will provide them with the biggest return: consumers collectively use mobile networks the most, and large enterprises will rack up the highest average revenue per user (APRU). So the MNOs organize their businesses around providing a service to these customer segments.

Of course, they will still do business with virtually anyone, and that includes smaller businesses and growth businesses. It’s just that the quality of customer service you will receive may not be as good as it should be. In practice, that means that if you experience a service issue, you might have a problem getting the MNO’s attention. And when you do, you will probably find yourself talking to a non-IoT expert who deals with hundreds of businesses like yours and knows little or nothing about your business, let alone your devices or applications.

And in return for this lower service level, they will expect you to pay a higher price than the big boys pay.

IoT Service Provider

MNOs’ lack of coverage in other countries

There’s a broader aspect to this as well: If you only need data connectivity in your home country, and you are prepared to pay higher prices and experience lower customer service, then buying this directly from an MNO will probably not lose you your job (much like the old adage that no-one got fired for buying IBM). But what if you need connectivity in other countries as well?

There are a few MNO groups that have operations in several countries (e.g., Telefonica, America Movil, MTN). But most are present in just one or two countries, and having invested so much into creating their own networks, they naturally want to sell the use of these.

This means that, if you need to expand into other countries, you will either have to pay costly roaming charges, or else make separate arrangements with MNOs in each of those countries. This approach will lead to multiple contracts, invoices, pricing structures, currencies, bills, and different service levels. Hardly ideal.

IoT Service Provider

Trafalgar Wireless solves all of these problems

Firstly, Trafalgar Wireless specifically aim to work with growth businesses, with whom we have a cultural affinity, and provide them with highly personalized service and value for money. You will only ever speak with experts who know your business and application.

Secondly, we are network agnostic, and have access to over 600 MNO networks in 185 countries. This means that we will only propose the most suitable solution for your application. Connectivity on all of these networks is managed through one management platform and/or API. 

So, one contract, one service level, one management platform, one invoice and currency.

If you are a growth business looking for IoT data connectivity, please drop us a line. We are ready to provide expert assistance.

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